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The fashion resale platform exclusive to in-season items.

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Enjoy staying in-style, without destroying the environment or your bank balance.


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Powering guilt-free newness for style conscious individuals.


Our mission

Second-hand will no longer be second-best

In Szn's technology makes second-hand accessible to those who want to wear the latest styles & try new trends. 

Our goal is to improve the customer experience associated with second-hand fashion. We focus on enabling the community to get a good value for their worn items, affordable access to in-season styles & an easy way to do so. Together we can help reduce the effect the fashion industry has on our planet.

We connect a community of style conscious hustlers, trying to dress more sustainably. It's a solution that is more fashionable, affordable & sustainable. A win for all. 


Why in szn?


for style conscious


Why pay full price in-store when you could get it cheaper? Why not sell what you won't wear again & recover maximum value while you can?


improved resale experience

Here buyers won't need to hunt through old, worn-out or vintage items. Sellers can recover a good value as demand for the item still exists in-store.


support sustainability & community

Now you can dress in style more consciously, leaving no excuse to not sell & buy pre-loved. Don't not let under-worn clothes end up in a landfill. 


"I dont have clothes to wear" will be a struggle of the past